A Toast To Health

A toast to health is a step towards healthy lifestyle. A nutritious diet is the one planned by professionals. Daily regulation of weight and efficient changes in the diet helps you not only in losing weight easily but also boosts your body's metabolism. Pledge a toast to health by enrolling yourself at staying fit and we promise you guaranteed weight loss, a healthy and natural life.

about me

My love and passion for weight loss diets and methods started at a very young age but I had to finish my MBA being from a business background.. it only grew stronger once I gave birth to my second son cause I could relate to the struggle one faces with weight loss so I decided to follow my passion and educate myself in nutrition and dietetics from London. I truly believe in healthy and natural living. Helping people to get back in shape and attain their lacking confidence gives me a sense of pride.

Months Of Experience

4-5 people have had major weight loss from 7kgs to 18kgs and helped lots of people to follow a balanced diet. Weight Loss, Cholestrol loss, Balanced Diet are few of our well known services
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our Services

Standard weight loss plan

  • Lose upto 7 kgs in 30 days
  • Detox your body
  • Cholesterol control
  • Products to increase metabolism

Executive weight loss plan

  • Lose upto 10 kgs a month
  • 15 days extended maintenance
  • Detox and gut cleanse
  • Products to help you lose weight

Pre wedding weight loss

  • Drop 2 dress sizes in 45 days
  • Get that healthy and glowing skin
  • Detox and products also available

Consultation and weight management

  • Get to know your body and whats best for you.

Diet for special care

  • Diet for diabetes control
  • Fight obesity
  • Heart risks or gut problems
  • Allergies